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TDC ENGINE BEARING  is a professional manufacturer for precision engine parts of

Engine Bearing : main bearing , con. rod bearing & camshaft bearing, compressor bearing 

Bimetal Bushing : Con. Rod bushing, camshaft bushing, all kind of bimetallic bushing

Thrust Washer : Crank thrust washer, transmission wear plate

Our technology is licensed by  NB Cojinete S.A.  in Spain that mainly supply to OE for Nissan,  BMW, Renault, Peugeot, Fiat, Citroen,  Caterpiallar ...etc. in Europe.We can produce and supply above products for engine using in Cars, Trucks, Tractors Hearvy duty construction and Marine etc.
To fullfill our policy of good & fast service, we keep stock available for most of items for
Japanese and Korean applications for customer any demand.
Our activities have always been imbued with the spirit of ongoing improvements.
Manufacturing processes that feature state-of-the-art technology, a versatile and innovative R&D department, and continuous input from a dynamic staff team working in an atmosphere of close co-operation, are what enable us to provide best support to our customers from the initial phases of product design.

Our company owes its success to ensure the satisfaction of all of our customers, through providing the good quality, service and competitiveness demands for markets.


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